Jordaan Womens 3 Speed

Our modern take on the classic Dutch Retro / Vintage bicycle: The Jordaan Women 3 speed series! The Jordaan is fitted with the classic Dutch front and rear rack, the Spanninga Lights, a kickstand and a bell.
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The Jordaan Series features a lightweight yet robust aluminium frame 100% maintenance free and rust proof. It offers a comfortable upright riding position, added with fat tyres, double hand brakes and possibly the most comfortable saddle you ever experienced. The Jordaan will get you around town easy, comfortable and in utmost style

We've added a Shimano Rear Roller Brake to the Jordaan Series. Why? This ensures a safe stopping, as the Roller brake brings your bike to a quick stand stil, without the chance to start skidding.

We’ve chosen the renowned Shimano Internal gear hubs for our Jordaan Collection. The Nexus hub is well protected to grease, dirt and 100% maintenance free. The Shimano Nexus 3 Speed offers a wide gear ratio and is perfectly suited for metro areas and country roads. Enjoy seamless gear shifting with the slight twist of your wrist making your ride appear effortlessly cool.

A premium LED light set is included and developed by Dutch manufacturer Spanninga. The design of the bike hasn’t been compromised for this essential modern feature as the lights have been fitted to match in with the vintage style.

Our Jordaan Series is designed for daily use, to carry shoppings, bags... To fit a baby seat to the front or rear the Shimano Headset lock is the perfect solution! The color matching front carrier has been designed to take almost anything you want with you. Simply fit a wooden crate, fancy wicker basket or bungies to use it’s full potential. Get another 25kg carrier capacity with the aluminium rear carrier, with a striking red bungie set included.

Jordaan Series

FrameAluminium 6061 26"/28" Stepthrough
ForkAluminium 6061 1"steerer
HeadsetShimano Steering lock
Bottom BracketsNeco sealed bearing
CranksProwheel aluminium 38t
BrakesTektro caliper front, Shimano roller brake rear
Rear HubShimano Nexus 3 Speed Silent Clutch
Front HubLekker Aluminium
Rims26" Aluminium 36h
TyresCST Zepplin
PedalsVP Alloy with rubber grip
ChainKMC rustbuster
GripsLekker ergonomic lock-on vinyl by Velo
SaddleLekker cruiser saddle by Velo
Seat PostLekker Aluminium 27.2mm
Handle BarLekker alloy city bar 25.4mm x 600mm
StemLekker alloy 40mm x 24.4mm
FendersAlloy 54mm width
Front RackIncluded: Lekker Dutch Alloy rack max 10kg
Rear RackIncluded: Lekker Alloy with bungee max 25kg
KickstandIncluded: Centre mount Alloy adjustable
LightsetIncluded: Spanniga premium LED lights with AAA batteries
42cm Frame
Height Range148cm-170cm
1Seat Tube420mm
2Top Tube545mm
3Head Tube220mm
4Wheel Base1040mm
Wheel Size26"
45cm Frame
Height Range160cm-195cm
1Seat Tube450mm
2Top Tube620mm
3Head Tube220mm
4Wheel Base1155mm
Wheel Size28"
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The Shimano 3 Speed is the ideal commuter hub: why?

As Dutch bicycle enthusiasts, we love an internal gear hub, especially the lightweight, sturdy and versatile Shimano 3 Speed silent clutch version. The 3 Speed is an efficient gear hub that helps you accelerate, keep momentum during cycling and has a ratio that suits almost any city around the globe. The ratio is broad and due to its lightweight it makes it easier to cruise in any terrain – it’s perfectly suited for metro areas and country roads. The compact and reliable Nexus hub is well protected to grease and dirt, which makes it incredibly durable and 100% maintenance-free. We use integrated hubs for all of our bike ranges, this means that you will enjoy seamless gear shifting making your rides smooth yet powerful. We use the silent clutch version.

Why is such a complete bike so light?

The Jordaan Series is made of 100% aluminium, no shortcuts! All of its components and parts – frame, fork, fenders – are made of aluminium. This means that it is not only rust-free but also super light. This feature adds massively to a great user experience and increases the durability of the Jordaan, especially in the more salty coastal towns. Our bikes are made to last, and since we also sell products in Amsterdam, they simply need to be able to stand the test of time. The Jordaan is designed with function and comfort in mind: it’s a modern take on the classic Dutch Retro / Vintage bicycle!

So, what is the Steering lock?

The steering lock replaces upper head headset components to provide a fork locking function that stabilizes a parked bicycle. In other words, it is a feature designed to keep the front end of the bike stable when stationary, so the wheel and handlebar don’t swing around when parked! It’s a great solution for when you are loading up the front rack and basket with your groceries, bags and shopping and for when you are fitting a baby seat to the front or the rear. The Jordaan is designed for daily use, that’s why the Steering lock is a crucial part of it – it’s an unmissable component for a typical Dutch Bike, as it helps to make the bike much more practical and easy to use!

What is a rear roller brake?

A roller brake is a drum brake manufactured by our preferred supplier Shimano. This feature ensures a safe stopping, as the roller brake brings your bike to a quick standstill, without the chance to start skidding. Please note that the Jordaan comes with two hand brakes. One front brake for quick stopping, and a rear roller brake for safe stopping. It’s a more sophisticated and safe braking mechanism which prevents the wheel from drifting when braking rapidly – it helps to slow down quickly, without starting the rear wheel to slide. It’s an ideal solution for when you cycle with shoppings, kids, or even in a downhill terrain. The Shimano Rear Roller Brake not only adds safety and smoothness to your rides, but it also increases durability: due to their encasing, it’s weatherproof, meaning that there is less maintenance required.

What would be the size to choose?

Great question and definitely one of the most asked. But don’t worry, we got you! We have carefully created a thorough size chart, where you can check the best size for you. You will find detailed sizing information in the ‘Sizes’ section of the product page, right above this one.

The key is in the height range category of the chart. If your height applies to both sizes and you are undecided (e.g.: your height is between 1.63cm – 1.67cm) we recommend going with the M/L size. The reason is that the seat can come down quite a bit, which allows you to have a bit more of range in your arc, giving you a better riding position. But if you feel more comfortable with a smaller size, go for it! To give you peace of mind, the difference in the sizes mainly sits in the wheel size, not in the frame. So do not fear, because the size you choose would probably be the right one!

Does the Jordaan Series come with Front and Rear Light?

Yes! Both the LED front and rear light are standard fitted to the bike. The kickstand and a bell are included too, so no extra costs or purchases – we have you covered! We use the premium, Dutch manufacturer Spanninga and our lights run on batteries. Please note that this modern feature has been fitted to match in with the vintage style of the Jordaan, so the design of the bike remains the same – you’ll catch the attention even in the dark!

Does the Jordaan come standard with a Front and Rear Rack?

Yes! Same as the lights, kickstand and bell, the Front and Rear rack are standard fitted to the bike. Both racks are 100% aluminium, giving the Jordaan a lightweight and premium attribute. We thought about every detail for a daily commuting cruiser, so we also included a striking red Bungie set – time to carry your shopping, bags, groceries whilst enjoying the ride! For the front rack, we use the ultimate Lekker Dutch Alloy rack, with a maximum capacity of 10kg. Similarly, for the rear rack we use the Lekker Alloy, but with a maximum capacity of 25kg.

Does the Jordaan Series fit a Child Seat (front and rear)?

Yes, the Jordaan Series fits a Child seat on both sides, front and rear. Like the Dutch way, the child seat can be fitted in the front handlebar – the bike comes with a wider wheel base so it can be used more as a functional bike, based on how it’s been used in Amsterdam. This feature makes it easier to fit shopping, or in this case, fit a child seat on the front, whilst cycling in good balance.

What is the delivery time for my bike?

We’re doing our best to ensure you can ride LEKKER as soon as possible! All orders are being processed within 24h by our staff. For an overview of typical delivery times and for more information about shipping, please see our shipping and warranty page.

What sort of warranty covers my LEKKER Bikes?

We offer a 2-year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our different models on the day of purchase. For more information, please see our shipping and warranty page.

What is my LEKKER Bikes' weight?

Just like the sizing information, you will find the weight of each individual bike in the sizing section of the product page.

How can I track my LEKKER Bikes order?

You will receive a track and trace number from the shipping company once your order is being shipped to you.

What about service and components?

Our range of bikes is designed and composed of premium, reliable components from carefully selected partners. Besides quality, our partners are selected on availability and accessibility of spare and replacement parts. Our bikes are developed so they can be serviced at any local bike service store with the support of LEKKER Bikes if needed. In Australia, we have a large network of service partners but also cover both Australia and New Zealand from our Melbourne and Sydney brand stores. Our teams are available 7 days a week, reachable by email, phone or through the live chat.

The Jordaan 3 Speed Series

It's our perfected Jordaan cruiser. We've made it lighter, better and as comfortable as you can expect from the Jordaan Series. The bike comes as the complete package. We have included the front rack, rear rack, front and rear lights and a durable double-leg kickstand.
Oh, and there is a bell and headset lock too. Go full Dutch Style with this premium ride.


We offer a 2 year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our models on the day of purchase.

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