Mens Bikes

    Commuter Bikes

    Amsterdam Elite M2 NuVinci

    Built and tested to perfection, the Amsterdam M2 was meticulously crafted from the ground up with a minimalistic yet powerful design in mind. Featuring an incredibly lightweight frame, the M2 packs a punch with a multitude of premium components. Power up your daily commute with the award-winning NuVinci (Enviolo) N330 hub.

    • Enviolo/NuVinci N330
    • 100% Lightweight Aluminium
    • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Chain or Gates Belt Drive
      Dutch Bikes

      Jordaan 3 Speed Series

      The Jordaan is our modern take on the classic Dutch Retro / Vintage bicycle, added with comfort and quality. It’s a super lightweight aluminium bicycle and like nothing else on the market. The ideal transportation bike, to be used daily for commutes, shoppings or simply a lovely weekend ride.

      • Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Silent Clutch
      • Lightweight Aluminium Frame (100% Rust Free)
      • Premium Front & Rear Light
      • Sturdy Front & Rear Rack (Incl. Bungies)