Ursus Heavy Duty Double Kickstand




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The Ursus Heavy Duty Double kickstand is available as an upgrade to your Jordaan+ Series. Standard, the Jordaan+ is outfitted with a regular, double kickstand, which does the job perfectly. But, if you go all Dutch, with carrying groceries, perhaps even a baby seat including a little person, then the upgrade to the Heavy Duty Ursus kickstand might be worthwhile!

This double kickstand combines strength with mechanical innovation, a patented movement allows an extra wide setup, which offers extra stability when legs are expanded. The unique design has an international patent and holds up to 80kg of weight and is perfectly suited for heavy loads, child seats and other goodies. Its full aluminium construction is a perfect fit to our full aluminium Lekker Bike collection.

> Kickstand Legs Expanded: 40cm (W)
> Kickstand Legs Folded: 20 cm (W)
> 100% aluminium
> Maximum Carrying Capacity: 80kg

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