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The Amsterdam+ is ramping up to its release in Europe. Place your order today and receive a €150 launching discount. The Amsterdam+ is now available. Important note: Pre-orders of the Amsterdam+ fitted with the 14.5ah battery will be delivered by the beginning of September.
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  • 58cm
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  • Samsung 11.5ah
  • Samsung 14.5ah

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Minimal yet practical design, smoothening your journey. With minimal and robust Amsterdam+ we have considered every essential detail to optimise your daily commute.

It's all about that smooth and sensible approach to your daily commute. A perfected single speed, rear motor (BAFANG Rear Motor 250w 36v) driven commuter ride, to boost your take-offs, conquer headwinds and allowing you to take your up to high speeds breaking through speed limits. It's the rear motor that gives you that nudge towards a quick a stress-free commute.

The Amsterdam+ is fitted with the Gates CDX Carbon Drive Belt drive system (Ratio 60/22). Created with stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords. The advanced urethane technology allows the belt to be weather resistant, flexible and durable. The superior technological advantages of low noise and zero maintenance of the belt are truly irresistible.

The nearly invisible battery pack offers you more than enough capacity from sub to city rides. The easily removable battery offers a range up to 70km on average, giving you peace of mind on all your rides. Running low? No worries. The lightweight aluminium frame still offers a comfortable cycling experience, with or without motor assistance. The battery is developed by Samsung and offers 36V, 11.5AH. Charges in less than 4.5 hours. You can upgrade your Amsterdam+ with a 14.5AH 36V battery (available in Aug/Sep). Already know you want that upgrade? Add a note to your order to let us know and you'll get 30% off the battery upgrade once it's available for purchase.

Find out what it feels like to ride atop clouds, with the widely-acclaimed WTB Horizon 650b – one of the smoothest available on the market.

The Amsterdam+ is standard fitted with optimal stopping power, with a reliable and premium Tekro Hydraulic Disc brake Set, Including premium levers to ensure powerful braking in any condition. Expect smooth and direct braking experience, that comes with the right look as well.

The Amsterdam+ comes with the Lightskin LED seat post. We have fitted it's newest, STVZO approved, version.

The Amsterdam+ is fitted with a compact and premium LCD Display. It shows battery charge, instant speed, and mileage. It can be easily read also with direct sunlight thanks to the high contrast display. The handlebar controller has been developed to be perfectly ergonomic, extremely strong and easy to use.

A total package. The Amsterdam+ is standard fitted with the Lightskin LED seat post (STVZO version) and premium Spanninga front LED. All connected to the battery. An aluminium fender set keeps you dry and the Flat Rack can be added to add carry capacity to your daily ride.

The Amsterdam +

Frame Aluminium 650B with integrated battery case
Fork Alloy 650B
Rear Hub / Motor Bafang H400 Series 36v 250W Rear Hub, Torque Sensor w/ a maximum torque of 45 N.m.
Battery Standard: 36v 11.5Ah, 418 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km
Upgrade: 36v 14.5Ah, 500 Wh capacity Range: 60km-90km
Removable for easy access to charging
Display Bafang Intelligent DPC11 LCD Rated IP65, offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.
Headset NECO seaed Tapered
Bottom Bracket TEKTRO T285 - 160mm
Brakes Tektro TD-285 hydraulic
Cranks Prowheel solid 170mm
Chain Ring GATES CDX 60T
Chain GATES CDX 125T
Rear Sprocket GATES CDX 22T freewheel
Gear Ratio 60Tx22T GATES CDX
Front Hub NOVATEC Sealed 36h
Rims Alloy Double walled 650B 36h
Tyres WTB Horizon 650B x 47
Pedals VP-565
Grips VELO Lock-On Ergo
Saddle VELO
Front Light Spanninga AXENDO 40 Battery Connected (STVZO Approved)
Rear Light Integrated in Seat Post Lightskin LED Battery Connected (STVZO Approved)
Handlebar Alloy 31.8mm City
Stem Alloy 31.8mm x 90mm
Weight 18kg
58cm Frame
Height Range 175cm - 200cm
1 Seat Tube 580mm
2 Top Tube 640mm
3 Head Tube 150mm
4 Wheel base 1116mm
5 Stand Over Height 840mm
Weight 18kg
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Can you tell me more about the Bafang Rear Motor specifications?

With a 3.3kg weight, the H-Series is a lightweight rear motor. This torque sensor motor by Bafang provides reliable support with a rated power of 250W and a maximum torque of 45 N.m. It’s recognised for its durability and high level of efficiency. Due to the Amsterdam+ lightweight character, the placement of the Rear Motor offers better traction, compared to front-wheel motorised bikes, and less gyroscopic effect when steering at high speeds through your city. It’s that motorcycle pushing feeling you will get hooked on.

Can the battery be removed? Can I upgrade it to a larger range?

All of our eBikes have removable batteries, allowing you to comfortably take them out for a charge, upgrade them with higher range batteries, and to replace them when needed. No stress finding a power outlet close to your bike! Options for the Amsterdam+ Standard: 36v 11.5 Ah, 418 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km Upgrade: 36v 14.5Ah, 500 Wh capacity Range: 60km-90km

Can you tell me more about the gearing hub of the Amsterdam+ eBike?

With a single gear, we’ve kept it simple. The lightweight 250w Rear Engine will amp you to the front of the pack and with the carefully chosen gear ratio, you can keep your momentum. Don’t waste time in switching gears, simply fly.

What are the benefits of the belt drive system?

The Gates CDX Carbon Belt drive system (Ratio 60/22), with the CDX belt being the premium belt version, is created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords. The advanced urethane technology allows the belt to be weather resistant, flexible and durable. The technological advantages of low noise and zero maintenance of the belt are truly irresistible, especially when used for daily cycling.

Can I take the Amsterdam+ off road?

The Amsterdam+ eBike comes with WTB Horizon 650B x 47 tyres, for maximum traction and smooth riding, beyond pavement roads. Light gravel roads and dirt won’t be a problem for the Amsterdam+ eBike!

What power assistance can I expect from the Amsterdam+?

The Amsterdam+ is designed as a Single Speed, optimized for the use of a 5 levels of assistance together with a gear ratio of 60*22 to keep boosting your cadence when reaching higher speed!

Is the light-set connected to the battery?

Yes! The Amsterdam+ is fitted with the Spanninga Axendo 40 Lux 36v and the newest Lightskin LED integrated seat post lights which are both STVZO approved. Lights are operated by the display and powered by the battery.

Is the LCD display water resistant?

The intelligent LCD display by Bafang we use on our electric bikes are protected against water. With enclosures capabilities rated IP65, the Bafang LCD offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.

Can I change the maximum speed of my eBike?

In theory, you can. However, we advise against it, as it will invalidate your warranty with us on your electric bike. Please be aware that in some countries, changing the maximum speed of your eBike might be breaking the law.

What is the difference between the Amsterdam GT Series, and the Amsterdam+?

The Amsterdam+ is our lightweight rear motor eBike. Lighter than the Amsterdam GT (-4kg), and comes with a single-speed gearing. The Amsterdam+ is a perfected commuter electric bike, agile in every urban environment, ideal for swift commuting and showing high responsiveness in every condition. With its slightly larger frame and a more upward seating position, the Amsterdam GT provides riders with more comfortable riding experience. The Max Mid-drive motor by Bafang, together with the Enviolo CT integrated hub provides a heavy power boost and full control when riding.

What is the delivery time for my bike?

We’re doing our best to ensure you can ride LEKKER as soon as possible! All orders are being processed within 24h by our staff. For an overview of typical delivery times and for more information about shipping, please see our shipping and warranty page.

What sort of warranty covers my LEKKER Bikes?

We offer a 2-year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our different models on the day of purchase. For more information, please see our shipping and warranty page.

What is the right bike size for me?

You will find detailed sizing information in the ‘sizing’ section of the product page, right above this one. Find your perfect match!

What is my LEKKER Bikes' weight?

Just like the sizing information, you will find the weight of each individual bike in the sizing section of the product page.

How can I track my LEKKER Bikes order?

You will receive a track and trace number from the shipping company once your order is being shipped to you.

What about service and components?

Our range of bikes is designed and composed with premium, reliable components from carefully selected partners. Besides quality, our partners are selected on availability and accessibility of spare and replacement parts. Our bikes are developed so they can be serviced at any local bike service store with support of LEKKER Bikes if needed. In Europe we currently have a Showroom in Amsterdam, and additionally we will launch an extensive service network in Europe this year. Our teams are happy to assist you by email, phone or through the live chat.


We offer a 2-year guarantee on our frames. We also give 2 years on the components of our different models on the day of purchase.

14 Day Returns

We offer a 14-day return-free policy. No questions asked! You have a good two weeks to try your bicycle and if your not happy please let us know.

Low Cost Shipping

Our bikes are shipped against the lowest rates possible. Our eBikes are shipping in 98% ready to ride and our remaining conventional bikes are shipped 85% Assembled.

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LEKKER Bikes uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all transactions. We guarantee that your payments are 100% SSL encrypted and secure.

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