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Dutch Bikes

The Jordaan Series

The Jordaan Series the prototypical Classic Dutch Transportation Bicycle with a few modifications to make it perfect for modern commuting. We have stayed true to our Dutch commuting heritage with a comfortable upright riding position and effortlessly cool demeanour.

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Kids Bikes

The Mini Commuter

Time flies by and before we know it, your tiny superhero isn’t so tiny anymore. Your littlest’s world is growing, and we’re here to grow with them. The Lekker Mini Commuter is the perfect new companion for all their big kid expeditions; watch their personalities burst forth as they explore the world in style.

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Kids Bikes

The Mini Balance

The Mini Balance Bikes are the new talk of the town, and freshly added to the LEKKER Bikes collection. To get our little grommets ready to explore their world on two wheels we have launched 6 striking new Balance Bikes to hunt for adventures

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  • Aluminium Frame - Lightweight and Rust Free
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