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Amsterdam Elite Series

Designed for relentless abuse whilst speeding through your city. Available in a Single Speed, 3 Speed and NuVinci setup. Time to discover more!

Premium Finish

The Amsterdam Elite is easily to spot in any city worldwide. The unique Space Blue finish makes the Amsterdam Elite Series to stand out. In combination with the matt black front fork one of the most striking bikes in the lekker Bikes range.

A special line-up is made available for Europe and the USA: The Amsterdam Elite Series. This is the flagship range of Lekker Bikes, and a subtle execution of bold cycling concepts. This series stands for everything you’ve ever wished for: speed, agility, robustness and striking looks. Designed for relentless abuse whilst speeding through your city. Available in a Single Speed, 3 Speed and NuVinci setup. Time to discover more!

The Elite Series

The Amsterdam Elite Series is the pinnacle of the Lekker Bikes collection. We have chosen to outfit our special Elite line in the best color spec. The Space Blue makes the Elite line to stand out, just like you riding it. The Elite Series is available in 3 versions; Single Speed, Shimano Nexus 3 Speed and in a real game changer: The NuVinci N330 gear hub. All versions are equipped with the widely acclaimed Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, improving power transfer, smoothness and beats a metal chain on every expect. Forget about squeaking noises, maintenance or grease. The Gates Belt Drive System whispers quietly, does not requires any maintenance or tensioning and will not stain your fresh pair of pants.

Amsterdam Elite Space Blue

Gates Carbon Drive
Belt System

The Amsterdam Elite Series is fitted with the Gates Carbon Drive Belt drive system. Created with stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords. The advanced urethane technology allows the belt to be weather resistant, flexible and durable. The superior technological advantages of low noise and zero maintenance of the belt are truly irresistible.

Amsterdam Elite Space Blue
Amsterdam Elite Space Blue

Fixie Style

The Amsterdam Elite design is loosely based on the fixie style geometry, but we’ve successfully managed to combine its sporty character with the comfort of an all day commuter bike. The frame and fork are 100% aluminium, ensuring a lightweight and robust package, engineered for the cyclist in search of performance and the comfort.

Amsterdam Elite Space Blue

Seamless, Stepless Shifting

Exclusively within the Amsterdam Elite Range the Amsterdam Elite NuVici is fitted with the unique NuVinci N330 Nfinity Group you can change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. The top of the line C8 controller features an aluminium housing, a new display and an enhanced grip. Just twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range. Expect step-less shifting, even under load, greater gear ratio and simply a supreme cycling experience.

Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

There is more that makes the Amsterdam Elite NuVinci to stand out from the Single Speed and 3 Speed edition. The Amsterdam Elite NuVinci offers premium hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, Including premium levers to ensure powerful braking in any condition. Expect smooth and direct braking experience, that comes with the right look as well.

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