Discover the various options the Dutch "Fietsenplan" has to offer!

Are you situated in The Netherlands, as an expat for instance, and do you have the option to benefit from a Cycle-To-Work Scheme, than here's some more feedback on how it works! Are you not located in the Netherlands, but would you like to inquire about any local Bike Scheme please don't hesitate to contact us. Anytime!

#1 Purchase the Bicycle online or instore yourself

  • Pick the Lekker bike that you want and pay it yourself
  • Give the invoice to your employer to receive your tax benefit
  • Life has never been so easy!

#2 Let the company pay for you

  • Pick and order the Lekker bike that you want
  • Put the address of the company in the invoice ‘address’  field in conjunction with our sales team
  • Pick your way of payment. Probably Bank transfer is the best option here.
  • After we received the payment from your employer we will send your Lekker bike to your address.

#3 Let the mediator do the job

  • Nationale Fiets Projecten (NFP), Bedrijfsfietsen Nederland (BFN) and Bike and Business (BaB) are examples of “Bike Scheme” mediators. Your employer may has decided to work together with a mediator, as they take away some of the administration work that comes with the Dutch Bicycle Scheme. In short how it works:
  • Still first pick the Lekker bike you want to have either online or instore
  • All mediators have a form that needs to be filled in by you, adding the products and accessories
  • Add all you want from us: Bikes, Accessories and more :)
  • Either pass this on to your employer or send it directly to the mediator
  • Lekker Bikes received a notification when payment has arrived, and will contact you directly
  • That’s it. Super easy. Please note it may some days, before we receive a confirmation.

You can get a tax benefit of 52% with a little help of your employer, in order to commute like the Dutch. Even when you’re here for a short stay, you can’t really do without a bicycle. And no stress – if you’re returning home, we’re more than happy to re-pack your bike and send it to your front door. Where-ever that may be!

The Dutch “Bicycle Scheme” is a way of purchasing your bicycle through your employer. How it works? First challenge: find out if your employer does offer this. Secondly there are 2 different options to proceed.

Lekker Amsterdam Commuter Bicycle

Ain’t that easy? 

Simply ensure that you’re well aware which way your employer wants to arrange this for you. Most companies are very well know with the Dutch Bicycle Plan, simply because employees who cycle to work are: happier, healthier and in general GREAT people.

In case you are a bit confused by all the options, you can also simply give us a call, jump on LiveChat or send us an e-mail: We’re happy to help!

Lekker Amsterdam Commuter Bicycle


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