- Composed to perfection -

A premium and striking new range: The M2 Series

Europe: get ready to revolutionise your everyday commute. Discover the Optimus Prime of our collection and make it yours!

The Ultimate Urban Commuter Range

- The Elite M2 Series -


Europe: get ready to revolutionise your everyday commute. The Amsterdam M2 range is the newest chapter in the LEKKER story, and is the Optimus Prime of our efforts in crafting the ultimate urban commuter. Available in 3 editions – Single Speed, 3 Speed and the NuVinci – the Amsterdam M2 was built to suit all needs.

Featuring a stunningly crafted lightweight alumnium frame, fitted with the Gates CDX Belt Drive and Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, the Amsterdam M2 is packed with power.

Steal the spotlight with Satin Black, or turn heads with Mineral Grey. WIth both 58cm and 62cm rust-resistant alumnium frames available, rest assured your ride is the perfect fit.

LEKKER Commuter Bike M2 NuVinci Satin Black

The Amsterdam M2 Series

Welcome to the future of urban commuting. Staying true to our Dutch heritage, the Amsterdam M2 was inspired by the traditional fixie bicycle. Crafted with ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, this lightweight semi-upright superstar is ready to shine every ride.

Find a ride suited for you, with 3 different editions of the Amsterdam M2 available: Single Speed, Shimano Nexus 3 Speed, and the award-winning NuVinci. Building the perfect urban commuter didn’t stop there. Power up your ride with the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive, and stay in control with premium Hydraulic Disc Brakes from Tektro.

LEKKER Commuter Bike M2 NuVinci Satin Black
LEKKER Commuter Bike M2 NuVinci Satin Black

Whats that NuVinci fuss about?

We’re always working to make your commute as effortless as possible. WIth the highly-sought NuVinci Nfinity Group, switch gear ratios in a singular, swift motion. The top of the line C9 controller features durable aluminium casing, an all-new display and an enhanced ergonomic grip. Simply twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar, and change gears in an instant. You’re in control. Experience stepless shifting in any environment – from long stretch roads of Berlin, the inner city of Munich and Hamburg. The M2 will tame every city with ease.

Made up of self-contained system, the N330 delivers a low-maintenance experience. The fully sealed hub comes with a wide 330% ratio range – all while operating in silence, and delivering incredible ergonomic comfort.

LEKKER Commuter Bike M2 NuVinci Satin Black
LEKKER Amsterdam M2 NuVinci Chain Drive

Gates CDX Carbon Drive
Belt System

Experience the magic of the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system on the Amsterdam M2 range. Advanced urethane technology delivers weather resistance, all while being flexible and durable. The system is created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cods, and operates in virtual silence. Turn heads for all the right reasons.

LEKKER Amsterdam M2 NuVinci Chain Drive

Hydraulics & WTB’s

On any street corner, or metropolitan intersection, stay in control with premium hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro. Come to a complete stop in fractions of a second – smoothly.

Find out what it feels like to ride atop clouds, with the M2’s widely-acclaimed WTB 650B road tyres – one of the smoothest available on the market.


We know exactly how important it is to make your ride yours. Compose your Amsterdam M2 with a huge range of LEKKER accessories. Install the tailor-made Aluminium fender set, fit the integrated LED seat post and LED handlebar from Lightskin and get the racks that will boost practicality. For those in more snowy conditions: it’s suited to fit spiked tyres, for an all year around commute.

Why buy a Lekker?

  • Premium Dutch Design

    Lekker Bikes stands for high quality, based on our authentic Dutch design. We use lightweight materials, 100% stainless aluminium frames and components from reliable partners such as Shimano, Spanninga, Fallbrook and Gates.More


    Our collection is characterized by its lightweight, which makes us unique on the Dutch and Belgian markets. Our designs are based on feedback from cyclists worldwide. A combination of traditional Dutch design and influences from cyclists from cities all over the world.

  • Shipping across EU

    We ship your LEKKER Bikes right to your front door – fast, easy and insured.More


    All our eBikes are shipped pre-assembled, 98% ready to ride. This means that your bike is already assembled at our assembly facility in Europe. All our eBikes are tested and carefully packed. At arrival, you simply fit the pedals, adjust the handlebar and saddle. If your bicycle comes with a front carrier rack or additional accessories these will need to be installed at delivery. But we’re always available to assist.

    The remaining of our conventional bikes and kids bikes arrive 85% assembled. This requires a bit more assembly work. Find our manuals at the Assembly menu.

  • 14-day return policy

    Our bikes are made for daily use. Choose the bike of your dreams, knowing you can always bring it back thanks to our flexible return policy. More

    If you buy a LEKKER bike you have 14 days to get to know it well. Ride it as much as you want and enjoy every minute. If you’re not quite sure yet, let us know and we’ll help you out. You will get your money back and the return costs are for us.

  • Bicycle plan

    Yes, of course we take care of your purchase through the Bicycle Plan, depending on your country. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Find more information about the different options at the bottom of the page. More

  • Built to Last

    We cannot emphasize it enough: we strive to deliver a bike with lasting positive experience. Our bikes come with 100% aluminium lightweight frames, rust free components and no hidden surprises. More

    “What you see is what you get”. Our models are equipped with components from reliable partners such as Shimano, Tektro, Gates, Spanninga and are equipped with comfortable extras. Ride Like a King!

  • Premium 2 year warranty

    A LEKKER Bike is designed to last. No words but deeds, so we offer a 2 year warranty on all frames and parts.More

    Our bikes are built to last and to leave an eternal smile – every time you get on our bike. For all the little tricks to give your bike the best care, you can always contact us.

  • One size fits almost all

    Always look for a bike that suits you. Our bikes are designed for simplicity and are highly adjustable. More

    As long as you are no smaller than 150cm and no longer than 210cm, Lekker Bikes are the perfect bikes for you. If you’re in doubt about what’s best for you, contact us and we’ll help you make the best decision.

  • Worldwide service - 24/7

    No Worries. That’s our Australian mentality. For all questions you can always contact our enthusiastic team. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

    You can also use LiveChat on the website which is staffed by our team, contact us by phone or send us an email

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