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Find all latest models, newest rides and all our bikes ready to test ride at our shop.

Amsterdam update: In line with the suggestions of the authorities, our Amsterdam showroom will remain open, with extra precautions being taken to ensure the good health of our employees and customers.

Located on one of the most famous canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Showroom

Located on the Prinsengracht 380 in the very centre of the city, the store sits on a corner allowing great visibility to those whom may be searching for it.

The busy streets surrounding the shop, known as the Jordaan, are bustling with locals and tourists alike. You’ll find the famous “nine streets” around the corner with a bunch of great boutique shops and restaurants. If you do find yourself staying particularly late in the area then Leidseplein is the place to go, where you can dance your way into the early hours of the morning. Our brand store is in the perfect nook of a busy area and you can’t miss it!

On arrival into the store, you’ll be greeted with a bright smile from the LEKKER Team. Not only do we love giving off a smile – we also love sharing our passion for all things bikes. You’ll find us in the store every day except Sundays, as like you, we also needs a rest. Sundays, the store is closed. From the outside looking into the store, you’ll notice our too-cute Lekker Minis hanging right inside of our window. If you’re able to get past them and resist taking an Instagram snap, we’d be surprised!  The store is filled tastefully with our bicycle ranges. Most of our LEKKER models are on display, so you’ll have no difficulties in finding your perfect ride!

The Lekker bicycle store is also not your average bike store; it’s minimalist, not stocked full bursting at the seams with bikes. It only showcases Lekker’s premium goods. Giving you an overview of the collection and not bombarding you with bicycles stowed away in every inch of the place. Lekker doesn’t only sell bicycles though, they also sell merchandise such as t-shirts and caps. Becoming more of a lifestyle brand than just a bike shop. People sometimes come in to just buy the Lekker cap, because they simply love the brand, find it stylish and wear it around with pride.


Prinsengracht 380
The Netherlands
  • Opening Hours
    • Tue-Fri
    • 10am-5pm
    • Sat
    • 10am-4pm